POWERS motorcycle is over 30 years in Yokohama.
Please contact us for anything about motorcycle.

SBS POWERS motorcycle shop in Yokohama



2023 Sep. 29 We will be temporarily closed on Sunday, October 8 for a shopping association event. The street in front of the store will be pedestrianized and closed to vehicular traffic.
2023 Jul. 6 ETC subsidy July 24 - Sept. 30, first 50,000 units → to be extended until Oct. 31!
2023 Feb. 17 Advance Admission Tickets for the 2023 Tokyo Motorcycle Show are now on sale. Advance tickets: Adults 1,800 yen (Same-day tickets: Adult 2,200 yen)
2022 Oct. 17 The new model address 125 has arrived!
2022 Jul. 1 As you know, the supply of new motorcycles has been delayed due to the effects of covid-19, rising global shipping costs, weak yen, etc. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the lack of inventory in the used motorcycle market. Please contact us individually for the used bike you want.
2020 June. 30 July 12 (Sun) Powers Touring has been canceled. We will stop our touring for preventing spread of the coronavirus infection.

We would like to inform you about Powers' measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Thank you for your continued support of Powers.
We are opening as usually at present. Business hours 10:00 to 19:00.

We are striving to ensure that employees wear masks, regularly sterilize tables and chairs, customer helmet shelves, entrances and exits, also ventilation and keeping social distance. We appreciate for your cooperation.

 * Business hours and business days are subject to change in the future. If a change occurs, we will announce it again at store and on our website.