POWERS motorcycle is over 30 years in Yokohama.
Please contact us for anything about motorcycle.

SBS POWERS motorcycle shop in Yokohama



2020 Apr. 3 April 19 (Sun) Powers Touring will be canceled. We will stop touring in April to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection.
2020 Mar. 9 ETC device Subsidy is extended! From 1st Apr. 2020 to 30th Sep. 2020. For newly attach and set-up ETC device, 10,000 yen subsidy and QUO card will be gifted 10,000 yen for 2.0ETC, 5,000 yen for 1.0ETC. Click here for details. Please translate the text and see.
2020 Feb. 18 Updated 2020 POWERS touring schedule.
2020 Jan. 30 Updated the New Year's touring.
2020 Jan. 24 Usedbike information is updated.
2020 Jan. 10 We will take a holidays from Feb. 3rd to 8th for employee training.
We are sorry for inconvenience.
2019 Nov. 2 November 17th Powers Touring meeting place will be changed to here.
2019 May 7 Powers touring on 21 Apr. updated.