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Purchasing Procedure and so on
Stated below is the summary of the purchasing procedure in POWERS.
Purchasing Procedure 
1 After selecting your motorcycle, please fill out the Purchase Order Contract, name, address, date of birth, telephone number etc.
2 If you would like to use a loan, you may apply for the loan by filling out the Loan Application Form. 
3 Upon completion of the Purchase Order Contract and approval of the loan application (if applicable), we will register your license plate, and proceed with checking, maintenance and test riding of your motorcycle. 
4 Once completed, we will contact you via phone call or email to arrange for a delivery date. 
5 We will deliver your motorcycle according to our agreement schedule.
Please prepare the following items at the time of purchase.
1 Your name seal-impression / stamp.
2 Your certificate of residence, only if buying a motorcycle with more than 126cc, engine size.
3 If your age is below 20 years old, we need a letter of consent from your parental or legal guardian, the form is available at POWERS.
4 If you use a loan, please have your number of the bank account and the account's seal-impression / stamp ready.
Mail Order Purchasing Procedure
If it's difficult for you to visit our shop before purchase we can arrange the buying procedure from distance. If you find your favorite motorcycle in our website or any featured magazine, please ask us and will start the procedure. It goes as follows.

1 We will send you the Purchase Order Contract and Loan Application Contract via mail.
2 Please fill out the documents and return them by using the enclosed return envelope. **For motorcycles over 125cc, please include certificate of residence. This is mandatory.
3 We will register your license plate, and proceed with checking, maintenance and test riding of your motorcycle.
4 Once completed, we will contact you via phone call or email.
5 POWERS will make arrangements with a trusted land transport company.
6 The transportation company will contact you when your motorcycle is in delivered to the depot that is nearest to your home. Please arrange with them the best date accepting the motorcycle.
7 When a good schedule is determined, the transportation company will deliver your motorcycle to your home.

** Please be acknowledged that in some rural areas, the delivery will stop at a depot. You will have to do the pickup at a depot. Thank you for your understanding.
To any customer who considers the purchase of the used motorcycle.
We can refrain from selling the motorcycle for a period of 3 days to another person, or until the day you can visit us. This can also be extended to suit your needs, there is no "holding fee" involved, please ask us!
For Foreigners Living in Japan
It is advisable that you have your seal-impression / stamp when you purchase a motorcycle in Japan. For example, registration of license plate, opening a bank account for available a loan and using of a loan, and so on. However the District land transport bureau, a major bank and a loan company adopts your signature instead of a seal-impression / stamp. If your country does not have the habit or custom of a seal-impression / stamp. Please contact us at POWERS. We will make sure if it is necessary or not.
Please contact POWERS for more information!
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